Views about Valentine’s Day celebration around the world

Every person is independent in his views. Some prefer it to celebrate and some are not. It is lie a wastage of time. For me every hour should be Valentine’s Day, every minute, every second and every day should be Valentine’s Day. You have right to make every day valentine’s day for their loved ones, girlfriend and wives. You can have proposed or engaged your partner for any day. It not day specific or restricted that only Valentine’s Day has specialty to celebrate anything. The things that is matter your pure feelings, love and emotions for someone not the time and day. Do people not love their partners on normal days? Do people not give gifts to their partners on normal days? Do people not kiss their partners on normal days? People can do all these things in normal days and in a better way then why we prefer the expensive day with exceptional gifts. Because of this trend and so-calledtradition, the new generation is attracted towards it. The things that is not important but their ethics to deal with someone. This Valentine’s Day is mostly beyond the limits. The person u think is your future life partner but after some time he/she is no more your girlfriend or boyfriend. Then how we can easy and cross the limit with a person for whom we have no surety of future partner. In some places of world, the people celebrate hijab day, Haya day, modest day and sister day as an alternative to the Valentine’s Day. The purpose of promoting these days to promote the sense of humility among students and forbidden them from unethical and inappropriate behaviour. If the Valentine’s Day is near, we planned for the special gifts and waste our precious time and money. This money we wasted on it ac be used on the needy and poor persons who have not food for their aliveness. To spend our money on the needy people is the best way to celebrate their loved ones by helping them and remember them on this day. We do not that the gift we purchased with high amount of money is liked by the next one or not but if the same gift or money gave to the needy and poor people they accept it heartily with bundles or prayers.  And I think humanity is not religion based, u can apply it on any religion, on any place or country of the world. These poor and needy people are also our loves ones, our brothers and sisters. Then why we ignored them at this beautiful and love day. To celebrate the Valentine’s Day is not bad but we can celebrate it in better way by helping divorce and widow women. And according to me this is the true love to remember these types of people on the very special day of the lovers. This is not only humility behaviour but also the inner peace of mind and heart. The life is short and we have very few time to spread happiness on these special faces on the special day.

Countries with no Valentine’s Day celebration

On the day of 14th February of the year, the valentines receive a sweet flurry. Newspapers are fill with the news of expensive gifts that the celebrities share with their loved ones. All cafe,restaurants, shopping centres and sights are decorated with Valentine’s Day theme. On this day some people celebrate Valentine’s Day outside and others are preferred to celebrate at home with family or their loved one.This day of love is vigorously celebrated in many places and countries of the world but some countries of the world are not preferred it to celebrate because of their traditions or rituals. The countries that are prohibited to celebrate Valentine’s Day are Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Uzbekistan Turkmenistan, Indonesia and Iranian because of their religion reasons. In Saudi Arabia religion authorities condemn and prosecute any kind of celebration and act about Valentine’s Day. There is also prohibition to trade with the sale of red hearts, balloons, flowers and chocolates. The religion of these countries shows that, it is a “pagan Christian festival” and Muslims should not prefer it to celebrate because of their different religion. Many other countries like Beirut, Iraq, and Lebanon, where windows have been showing in red colour little by little for the appreciation of love on the day of valentines. In Abu Dhabi or Dubai, the tradition of Valentine’s Day tent to eradicate by managing or hanging the posters in many of the prestigious or well-known restaurants and hotels against Valentine’s Day. This impression also created the so called anti valentine day. This anti valentine day is specially organized for the singles and couples to celebrate in a special way by not supporting to the Valentine’s Day. Here we can see the difference of facing the Valentine’s Day even with the same religion or different religion. People of this religion want to celebrate it but authorities of this religion forbidden them. In Brazil the Valentine’s Day is not celebrated because of the other alternative festival that variously prefer and celebrated in Brazil. The festival they celebrated is the Día dos Namorados (lover’s day) on the day of 12th June before the St. Anthony the patron saint of marriage. During this festival the single woman perform rituals known as sympathies for the searching of husband and the already couples share their gifts like chocolates, flowers and cards. In Spanish on the day of 22nd April and the next one is selected as a valentine’s day. 23rd April is selected as celebration day of Shakespeare where books are exchanged. In Italy these is no celebration of Valentine’s Day but they have custom of doing engagement on the Valentine’s Day. The Mormon is the nation, they celebrate Valentine’s Day if they want. Usually celebration of Valentine’s Day is preferred here but if some people want to celebrate then they can, according to their choice. In the world the sic most popular countries that celebrate Valentine’s Day are UK, France, Mexico, Australia, US and Canada.

Celebration of Valentine’s Day in different countries

Different countries celebrated this day in different ways. In South Korea Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14 February in three different days from February to April. These days are dedicated to celebrate the day of love. In United States and Canada, men give special gifts to their wives and girlfriends but in SouthKoreathe love and young couples give equal number of gifts to each other during this period of three month. The special three days in these three months are 14th February, 14th March and 14th April for the celebration of love holiday. On the day of 14th February, firstly women give their gifts like candies, chocolates and flowers to their special ones. On the day of 14th March that called “white day” now it is men turn to give gifts to their special ones with chocolates and flowers as well. In the 21 centuries, china nowadays celebrates Valentine’s Day of a westernized version with the chocolates and the cards. Different days has been devoted for the love celebration from the centuries in china. These days called as “Chinese valentine day” that falls on the 7th day of the 7th month in the calendar of Chinese that is the month of August. During other festivals of Chinese with name “night of seven” or Oixi festival Chinese girls pray for the good husband and good married life. France is the city of love and most romantic country of the world where many couples gathered to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Due to some structural issues in the bridge, the activities remained banned till 2015. Paris is also the city of love. Couples visiting the Paris to strengthen their love with lock by mention their names on the “bridge of love” as till the bridge is remained their happy couple will have remained. There is another village in France with the name of St. Valentine or the “village of love”. As name shows that, it is the epicentre of love and vigorously celebrate the day of love on the Valentine’s Day. On the date of 12th and 14th February all the houses in the villages are decorated with balloons and roses as well as all the trees are covered with the love notes from top to bottom. In the North America people of all ages are celebrated Valentine’s Day from the kindergarten to the elders. In Germany this love holiday is only limited to adults for celebration. During this time of the year the common gifts like heart shaped chocolates boxes, flowers and anything of pig shaped. The pig shaped gifts may be an insult to some but in Germany pig shaped gifts is considered as a symbol of luck and lust. Couples are also gifting each other with sacred animal shaped pictures, chocolates and figurines. In this time of year, the ginger cookies are also very popular in Germany. These cookies are in heart shaped and decorated with the love notes on it with icing. So, these are the ways, through which the countries are celebrated their love day.

History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is being celebrated on 14 Feb in the name of ST. Valentin, across the United States and many other places with the exchange of flower, candy and gifts between loved ones. But who was the ST. Valentine and where from this tradition came among generations? The Valentine’s Day history and the story of ST. Valentine is still hidden and unidentified. Valentine’s Day that has long been celebrated in February as a month of romance and that also contains vestiges of both ancient roman and Christian tradition. But what was the association of ST. Valentine and this ancient rite? The Catholic Church who recognises the three different saints with name of Valentinus or valentine, that all were martyred. Among of these three the valentine was a priest and served in Rome during the third century.In this period, Emperor Claudius II outlawed the marriages of young men, because he believed that the single men served well as a soldier then the men with wives and families. Valentine challenged the Claudius, when he realizing the decree injustice and secretly started to perform marriages for young men with their loved ones. When Claudius knew about this secrete, he ordered that valentine be put to death. Some other stories show that valentine may have been killed because of his help to Christians for escaping harsh roman prisons, where they were severely tortured and beaten. Some other legends said that valentine sent his first valentine greeting to a young girl after falling in love with her, when she visited Valentine during his confinement. It is assumed that before his death valentine wrote a letter to that girl with signed “From your Valentine” an expression that is very common nowadays. However, the truth behind this history is not clear. But all above stories show his appeal about heroic, sympathetic and romantic character. The middle ages appreciate this reputation, valentine would become the most popular saint in France and Englandand amongst the masses. To spot this day, love notes began to exchange by lovers to their sweethearts called “Valentines”. In the beginning, handmade cards were exchange that trend was changed in the beginning of 19th century towards the greeting cards to caught more attraction of the people. Valentine’s Day came as a festival to celebrate love and not only the romantic love. Nowadays, this Valentine’s Day also celebrated with siblings, parents, families, teachers by sharing greeting cards and meetings with them. Valentine’s Day celebration popularity has spread in many countries beyond the seven continents and increasing year by year. Still there is a confusion that why this Valentine’s Day celebrated on 14 Feb and what has exacted relation with noble valentine. We are unable to get exact history from the any archiveand countries veil gone by has made it more difficult to trace exact origin behind Valentine’s Day. There are only some legends that are the source of the Valentine’s Day’s history.