Celebration of Valentine’s Day in different countries

Different countries celebrated this day in different ways. In South Korea Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14 February in three different days from February to April. These days are dedicated to celebrate the day of love. In United States and Canada, men give special gifts to their wives and girlfriends but in SouthKoreathe love and young couples give equal number of gifts to each other during this period of three month. The special three days in these three months are 14th February, 14th March and 14th April for the celebration of love holiday. On the day of 14th February, firstly women give their gifts like candies, chocolates and flowers to their special ones. On the day of 14th March that called “white day” now it is men turn to give gifts to their special ones with chocolates and flowers as well. In the 21 centuries, china nowadays celebrates Valentine’s Day of a westernized version with the chocolates and the cards. Different days has been devoted for the love celebration from the centuries in china. These days called as “Chinese valentine day” that falls on the 7th day of the 7th month in the calendar of Chinese that is the month of August. During other festivals of Chinese with name “night of seven” or Oixi festival Chinese girls pray for the good husband and good married life. France is the city of love and most romantic country of the world where many couples gathered to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Due to some structural issues in the bridge, the activities remained banned till 2015. Paris is also the city of love. Couples visiting the Paris to strengthen their love with lock by mention their names on the “bridge of love” as till the bridge is remained their happy couple will have remained. There is another village in France with the name of St. Valentine or the “village of love”. As name shows that, it is the epicentre of love and vigorously celebrate the day of love on the Valentine’s Day. On the date of 12th and 14th February all the houses in the villages are decorated with balloons and roses as well as all the trees are covered with the love notes from top to bottom. In the North America people of all ages are celebrated Valentine’s Day from the kindergarten to the elders. In Germany this love holiday is only limited to adults for celebration. During this time of the year the common gifts like heart shaped chocolates boxes, flowers and anything of pig shaped. The pig shaped gifts may be an insult to some but in Germany pig shaped gifts is considered as a symbol of luck and lust. Couples are also gifting each other with sacred animal shaped pictures, chocolates and figurines. In this time of year, the ginger cookies are also very popular in Germany. These cookies are in heart shaped and decorated with the love notes on it with icing. So, these are the ways, through which the countries are celebrated their love day.

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