Countries with no Valentine’s Day celebration

On the day of 14th February of the year, the valentines receive a sweet flurry. Newspapers are fill with the news of expensive gifts that the celebrities share with their loved ones. All cafe,restaurants, shopping centres and sights are decorated with Valentine’s Day theme. On this day some people celebrate Valentine’s Day outside and others are preferred to celebrate at home with family or their loved one.This day of love is vigorously celebrated in many places and countries of the world but some countries of the world are not preferred it to celebrate because of their traditions or rituals. The countries that are prohibited to celebrate Valentine’s Day are Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Uzbekistan Turkmenistan, Indonesia and Iranian because of their religion reasons. In Saudi Arabia religion authorities condemn and prosecute any kind of celebration and act about Valentine’s Day. There is also prohibition to trade with the sale of red hearts, balloons, flowers and chocolates. The religion of these countries shows that, it is a “pagan Christian festival” and Muslims should not prefer it to celebrate because of their different religion. Many other countries like Beirut, Iraq, and Lebanon, where windows have been showing in red colour little by little for the appreciation of love on the day of valentines. In Abu Dhabi or Dubai, the tradition of Valentine’s Day tent to eradicate by managing or hanging the posters in many of the prestigious or well-known restaurants and hotels against Valentine’s Day. This impression also created the so called anti valentine day. This anti valentine day is specially organized for the singles and couples to celebrate in a special way by not supporting to the Valentine’s Day. Here we can see the difference of facing the Valentine’s Day even with the same religion or different religion. People of this religion want to celebrate it but authorities of this religion forbidden them. In Brazil the Valentine’s Day is not celebrated because of the other alternative festival that variously prefer and celebrated in Brazil. The festival they celebrated is the Día dos Namorados (lover’s day) on the day of 12th June before the St. Anthony the patron saint of marriage. During this festival the single woman perform rituals known as sympathies for the searching of husband and the already couples share their gifts like chocolates, flowers and cards. In Spanish on the day of 22nd April and the next one is selected as a valentine’s day. 23rd April is selected as celebration day of Shakespeare where books are exchanged. In Italy these is no celebration of Valentine’s Day but they have custom of doing engagement on the Valentine’s Day. The Mormon is the nation, they celebrate Valentine’s Day if they want. Usually celebration of Valentine’s Day is preferred here but if some people want to celebrate then they can, according to their choice. In the world the sic most popular countries that celebrate Valentine’s Day are UK, France, Mexico, Australia, US and Canada.

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