History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is being celebrated on 14 Feb in the name of ST. Valentin, across the United States and many other places with the exchange of flower, candy and gifts between loved ones. But who was the ST. Valentine and where from this tradition came among generations? The Valentine’s Day history and the story of ST. Valentine is still hidden and unidentified. Valentine’s Day that has long been celebrated in February as a month of romance and that also contains vestiges of both ancient roman and Christian tradition. But what was the association of ST. Valentine and this ancient rite? The Catholic Church who recognises the three different saints with name of Valentinus or valentine, that all were martyred. Among of these three the valentine was a priest and served in Rome during the third century.In this period, Emperor Claudius II outlawed the marriages of young men, because he believed that the single men served well as a soldier then the men with wives and families. Valentine challenged the Claudius, when he realizing the decree injustice and secretly started to perform marriages for young men with their loved ones. When Claudius knew about this secrete, he ordered that valentine be put to death. Some other stories show that valentine may have been killed because of his help to Christians for escaping harsh roman prisons, where they were severely tortured and beaten. Some other legends said that valentine sent his first valentine greeting to a young girl after falling in love with her, when she visited Valentine during his confinement. It is assumed that before his death valentine wrote a letter to that girl with signed “From your Valentine” an expression that is very common nowadays. However, the truth behind this history is not clear. But all above stories show his appeal about heroic, sympathetic and romantic character. The middle ages appreciate this reputation, valentine would become the most popular saint in France and Englandand amongst the masses. To spot this day, love notes began to exchange by lovers to their sweethearts called “Valentines”. In the beginning, handmade cards were exchange that trend was changed in the beginning of 19th century towards the greeting cards to caught more attraction of the people. Valentine’s Day came as a festival to celebrate love and not only the romantic love. Nowadays, this Valentine’s Day also celebrated with siblings, parents, families, teachers by sharing greeting cards and meetings with them. Valentine’s Day celebration popularity has spread in many countries beyond the seven continents and increasing year by year. Still there is a confusion that why this Valentine’s Day celebrated on 14 Feb and what has exacted relation with noble valentine. We are unable to get exact history from the any archiveand countries veil gone by has made it more difficult to trace exact origin behind Valentine’s Day. There are only some legends that are the source of the Valentine’s Day’s history.

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