Views about Valentine’s Day celebration around the world

Every person is independent in his views. Some prefer it to celebrate and some are not. It is lie a wastage of time. For me every hour should be Valentine’s Day, every minute, every second and every day should be Valentine’s Day. You have right to make every day valentine’s day for their loved ones, girlfriend and wives. You can have proposed or engaged your partner for any day. It not day specific or restricted that only Valentine’s Day has specialty to celebrate anything. The things that is matter your pure feelings, love and emotions for someone not the time and day. Do people not love their partners on normal days? Do people not give gifts to their partners on normal days? Do people not kiss their partners on normal days? People can do all these things in normal days and in a better way then why we prefer the expensive day with exceptional gifts. Because of this trend and so-calledtradition, the new generation is attracted towards it. The things that is not important but their ethics to deal with someone. This Valentine’s Day is mostly beyond the limits. The person u think is your future life partner but after some time he/she is no more your girlfriend or boyfriend. Then how we can easy and cross the limit with a person for whom we have no surety of future partner. In some places of world, the people celebrate hijab day, Haya day, modest day and sister day as an alternative to the Valentine’s Day. The purpose of promoting these days to promote the sense of humility among students and forbidden them from unethical and inappropriate behaviour. If the Valentine’s Day is near, we planned for the special gifts and waste our precious time and money. This money we wasted on it ac be used on the needy and poor persons who have not food for their aliveness. To spend our money on the needy people is the best way to celebrate their loved ones by helping them and remember them on this day. We do not that the gift we purchased with high amount of money is liked by the next one or not but if the same gift or money gave to the needy and poor people they accept it heartily with bundles or prayers.  And I think humanity is not religion based, u can apply it on any religion, on any place or country of the world. These poor and needy people are also our loves ones, our brothers and sisters. Then why we ignored them at this beautiful and love day. To celebrate the Valentine’s Day is not bad but we can celebrate it in better way by helping divorce and widow women. And according to me this is the true love to remember these types of people on the very special day of the lovers. This is not only humility behaviour but also the inner peace of mind and heart. The life is short and we have very few time to spread happiness on these special faces on the special day.

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